About me

I am Tech Advisor, Agile Enthusiast, Startup Consultant, Interim CTO and coach.

I do Tech Due Diligences and consult people (investors, founders, CTOs) on how to handle challenging situations.

My customers are (among others) hub:raum, Burda, Burda Digital, Continental, Acton Capital Partners, OUTFITTERY, Frontlineshop, Kreditech, Zalando, MONOQI and many more.

I worked as developer, web operations manager, project manager and CTO. I was Head of QA at VZ Netzwerke (formerly known as studiVZ, one of the biggest social networks in Europe) and as Interim CTO for DailyDeal (Berlin, Germany), Piku (Tokyo, Japan) and RebateNetworks (global deal sites, HQ in Berlin), crealytics, Frontlinehop and others.

My passion is thinking, reading, writing and talking about human consciousness, agile leadership and startups. I love doing this while having a cup of good coffee, preferably in one of Berlin’s countless coffeeshops.

If you are interested in my consulting services or in discussing some inspiring ideas with me (not necessarily business-related), please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Chris Philipps

Mobile phone: +49 171 643 2002

E-Mail: cphilipps@me.com

My Profile on XING

My Profile on LinkedIn

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