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I’m a terrible blogger!

As some of you may have already noticed: I’m a shame to the blogger community. Last blog post from July… well…

Just to keep you informed what has happened since then: I was in Tokyo, Japan, as an Interim CTO for Piku, the Japanese sister company of DailyDeal. This was a very interesting experience I’m very thankful for, for several reasons: It’s great to be in a culture so different from your own and to get the chance not only to be there for holidays, but also for living and work for 2.5 months! Another fabulous thing was to be part of two companies with an identical business model but different people and a different company culture. It’s a fantastic opportunity to look around, to compare what you see with your past experiences, and so to get some “lessons learned” insights very quickly. I also loved to share them (and I’d love to go more into detail for you, but I think even my generously open clients wouldn’t be very happy about it) .

Anyway, when I came home, the next challenge was already awaiting me:

As an Interim CTO for Rebate Networks, which is the company behind Piku, DailyDeal and about 25 other countries all over the world, my days are currently stuffed with tons of fun and interesting work to do. As you can imagine, this job is pretty international. And everybody who knows me a little bit will guess that our processes are set up “the Agile way”. Besides that, there are so many technological challenges to solve that you probably won’t get bored for quite a long time :-).

Apropos “you” and “technological challenges”: If you are a real kick-ass developer and you are looking for an amazingly exciting job with lots of passion, fun and professionalism: Yes, we hire! :-)))

See you at the Backfabrik (which will be our new home in a couple of days),


ScrumTisch with Mary and Tom Poppendieck

Yesterday there was a so-called ScrumTisch (a wordplay with the German word “Stammtisch”, which means a regular’s table) in Berlin. And we had some special guests: Mary and Tom Poppendieck, who have come to Berlin to talk on Lean at the Agile Testing Days.

So we had the pleasure to hear Mary speaking to us on Lean Software Development. It was a more than one hour lasting introduction to Lean and we had a lively discussion afterwards. I’ve been fairly new to this topic. But after having had this talk, I cannot understand why some people say Lean wouldn’t belong to Agile (explanations welcome :)).

If your are interested in learning more about Lean Software Development and Tom & Mary, their interview on InfoQ will be a good start for you.

Of course, you can also find more information about them on www.poppendieck.com

Or meet them in person at the Agile Testing Days.

Thanks to Mary and Tom for giving us the opportunity to learn a lot about Lean – and thanks to Marion Eickmann from Agile42 for organizing this!

Agile Testing Days in Berlin

Even if I probably won’t attend to the Agile Testing Days next week here in Berlin, I can give it a warm recommendation, after having studied the program and the speakers list.

There are so many interesting people from the Agile world like Lisa Crispin, Elisabeth Hendrickson, Tom Gilb, Stuart Reid, Isabel Evans, Tom and Mary Poppendieck, in order to name just a few.
I saw some of them at Agile2009 in Chicago and I’ve read Lisa Crispin’s amazing book on Agile Testing.

So, if you have the opportunity to come to wonderful Berlin and to attend the convention, please do so!
And don’t forget to take some days off in order to spend some time in seeing the city.
(If you are looking for someone to show you the best places for Asian food in Berlin-Mitte, give me a call or send me an email). :-)

Agile Testing Days
October 12 – 14
Berlin, Germany

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