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Published new stuff

Since I’m not only a terrible blogger but also a terrible self-marketer, I tend to forget to mention the things I’ve published so far.

But today I want to introduce you at least to some of them:

To start with the most recent one, there is an article on Pomodoro Technique from my colleague at crealytics, Martin Mauch, and myself. It’s been published on Projektmagazin: http://www.projektmagazin.de/artikel/mehr-schaffen-in-kuerzerer-zeit-die-pomodoro-technik (sorry, English folks: It’s in German only).

The second is a book which has been published last October. I had the honor to contribute a chapter to Henning Wolf’s “Agile Projekte mit Scrum, XP und Kanban im Unternehmen durchführen”, which is focused on case studies from hands-on folks. Of course, my chapter was about Agile in startups. (And: Sorry again, German only, too)

Last but not least, I want to mention a book which is on the market for quite a while, but fortunately, it seems to become a classic: The PHP QA book aka “Real-World Solutions for Developing High-Quality PHP Frameworks and Applications” (yes, finally, in English! :-)) and “Softwarequalität in PHP-Projekten” (German Edition). Also available on Kindle.
It’s partly theoretical knowledge, partly case studies. Mine was on QA with Selenium at studiVZ, together with MAx Horvath, so maybe I mention it for sentimental reasons (good old days!).
But the book itself is an invaluable compendium for any kind of testing in the PHP world – have a look at it.

Enjoy reading!

to be completed…

Ich habe in den vergangenen 12 Monaten in verschiedenen Medien meine Gedanken zum Thema QA und Agile abgelegt. Zum Teil in Form von Postings in verschiedenen Blogs, in z.T. internen Vorträgen, aber auch in Fachartikeln. Nie habe ich darauf geachtet, das an einer zentralen Stelle zusammenzuführen, meistens aus Zeitgründen, da 1000 andere Dinge getan werden wollten.

Nun, ich habe mir selbst eine kurze bis mittlere Auszeit verordnet, unter Anderem um endlich ein paar Dinge wie diese zu ordnen. Dies werde ich also nachholen (auch an die, die mich bereits danach gefragt hatten: Versprochen! :-)).

Nach und nach werden hier also meine anderen alten Gedanken und Beiträge eingefügt werden.